Church Drying frame Fireplace

Sourounding countryside

The village Studor lies in the foothill of sheer homonymous mountain. Between the village and the fields stands one of the famous and most beautiful groups of bounded drying frames (toplarjev) in Slovenia. In the edge of the village, on a hill, from which you can get a great view over the Bohinj and surrounding mountains,stands our farm "Pri Andreju". The house and 200 years old, but beautifully preserved drying frame are both kept in distinctive bohinj style. There is a spacious garden around our house which is more than suitable for the safety of the children while playing.The forest beyond the house offers us quietness also during the highest season,that our guests appreciate. In the stable we keep cattle and chicken, our house is watched by our dog Timi, and there are also two kitten to keep us company. We always appreciate when our guests offer us help with various farm works.

There are only 2km from our farm to Bohinj lake.In summer the lake gets warm enaugh for the pleasant swimming,othervise it is suitable for rowing. The surroundings of the lake and the village Studor itself are most suitable starting points for mountaineering and bicycling; the neerest mountain peaks are convenient for skydiving or hang-gliding in summer. In winter there is only 7Km to Kobla and just one kilometer more to Vogel. The ski slopes are good setled in both places; in Bohinjska Bistrica, they cut ski running tracks. We offer our guests recommendations where they can find this activities and we can also accompany them i if they wish us to. In the alpain meadow Blato 1088m above sea level we possess an alpine fold, which is a great starting point for the seven Triglav lakes.

Bohinj lake Garden Alpine meadow
Pri Andreju - Bohinj Pri Andreju4 - Bohinj
Pri Andreju3 - Bohinj Pri Andreju2 - Bohinj